Tips and Suggestions for Fun and Cool Summer Recipes for Your Frenchie


Your French bulldog might suffer because of the rising summer temperatures. It’s important to help your Frenchie cool down, because they can’t lose their warmth as easily as we can. A dog’s body temperature can rise to dangerous levels if you’re paying close attention. Especially a French bulldog is sensitive to heat. There are many ways to help a dog cool down, but minding what your dog eats and drinks goes a long way. 

These summer recipes will help a lot.


Warm weer? Minder eten is normaal
Did you know that people lose their appetite in the summer? We need less calories in the summer, because our bodies don’t need to keep warm. Well bulldogs are similar! So don’t worry if he’s eating less than usual. You can provide your Frenchie with some rice or cooked chicken. If he’s not drinking enough then try to give him some wet food or add some fruits and vegetables to his diet.

Water, water, water!
Next to overheating, dehydration can pose a serious issue. Make sure that there always is enough water available for your Frenchie, but the water shouldn’t be ice cold. It should be at cold to lukewarm. Ice cold water can cause your Frenchie’s stomach to hurt. Encourage your Frenchie to drink water by placing enough bowls around the house and yard.

Light, Cooled and Frozen
It’s important to mind your Frenchie’s diet during the summer, but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t give him treats! And what’s better than your own cold snacks made with love? These recipes are great to let your Frenchie cool down during the summer and we’re sure he’ll love them.

Peanutbutter with banana-ice-chunks

• 1 cup of peanutbutter
• 1 banana
• 1/4 cup of water

1. Mix the peanutbutter and banana well in a small bowl
2. Mix this with water
3. Scoop the mix in small portions on a plate and leave it in the freezer overnight
4. Once frozen you can keep the snacks in a container or in a freezer bag

Strawberry coconut-milk ice cream

• 3.5 cups of coconut milk
• 0.3lbs washed and dried strawberries
• a serving spoon of honey
• 1 serving spoon of cinnamon

1. Blend all the ingredients until it’s smooth.
2. Pour the mix in a container that’s safe to freeze.
3. Close the container and freeze it until it’s ice cream! Pretty easy right?

Note that: you can use different combinations of fruits and yoghurt. However you must peel the fruit and remove the seeds and pits, because these are poisonous. Also, some fruits, like grapes, are extremely dangerous to your dog.

Sweet potatoes

• Sweet potatoes. As many as you’d like.
• A spoon of oil

1. Wash the sweet potatoes
2. Bake them until they’re soft
3. Add oil and mix into a delicious purée

Frozen Banana Treats

• 34 US fl oz yoghurt
• 2 table spoons of peanutbutter
• 3 bananas, ripened, peeled and mushed

1. Mix everything until it’s blended
2. Pour the mix in small cups
3. Freeze until solid
4. Remove the cups and enjoy!

Chicken pops

• 2 Chicken breasts, cooked and chopped
• 17 US fl oz of water
• 1 spoon of dried parsley

1. Divide the chicken into small cups
2. Mix the water and parsley in a bowl
3. Divide the parsley water into the cups
4. Freeze them at least eight hours
5. Remove the cups and enjoy! Tip: pour hot water on the outside of the cups to remove them more easily.

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