Study on Facebook: Dog Owners Are Popular!

study on facebook

According to a new study on Facebook, there are distinctive characteristics between cat and dog owners. Cat owners are often single while dog owners are popular.

Because it was International Cat Day, a research was done on the behavior and interests of cat- and dog owners on Facebook. They looked at their owners and their differences in interests. For example, which tv-series they liked and they researched which has more friends. They used 160,000 Facebook profiles and the results are as follows:


30% of the people who shared images and videos of cats are single compared to the 24% of people who shared images and videos of dogs.

Dog owners are extrovert. Facebook users who own dogs have 26 more friends on average than cat owners. Furthermore, cat owners are more likely to post status updates about feeling tired, grumpy or emotional while dog owners have 25% more posts about feeling excited. Cat owners have less friends but they value their friendships more and cat owners are more likely to live in a city.

TV-shows and books
The study on Facebook also looked at correlations between preferences for books and tv-shows. There was a notable difference between the preferences of cat and dog owners. Cat owners are more likely to be a fan of sci-fi and fantasy novels while dog owners are more likely to watch or read a romantic comedy. Dracula is the most popular novel amongst cat owners but dog owners are more likely to read Lessons from Rocky. 

It should come as no suprise that dog owners love the book and movie Marley and Me but we miss some other dog movies in this study. Read our list of favorite dog movies here.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Despite all differences, we all love animals—and Seinfield apparently.

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