Personal column: Stubborn Gucci

Stubborn Gucci

Written by: Femke Marcar

People around me often joke that I’ve chosen Gucci based on my own personality. What they really mean is that’s she’s stubborn, always wants attention and makes sure that she gets treats by already giving a paw in anticipation of one. If that doesn’t help, lil’ Madam will use her cuteness. If I don’t fall for it, someone else will fall for her sad-puppy eyes and hugs. Her wish is our command and she will get her treat no matter what.


Well… I can’t help but secretly laugh about it. My little darling isn’t scared of the world and just asks for the things she wants. Those are qualities to be proud of, right?

img_0177No one believes that her striking personality can drive me to madness. “Look at how cute she is.” “Look how she’s sitting calmly underneath the bar table.” “Oh, she’s so clever!” Yeah, yeah… Easy said if you’ve never spend more than a day with her. When other people are out of sight, she can be extremely naughty. She tends to walk away from me, pull on my socks when I’m in a hurry or bark when someone is on the stairwell (which is quite often when there are 15 people who each have social lives) or worse, run with lots of enthusiasm at my girl friends and jump at them so that each of them gets tears and holes in their tights.

I’m used to things by now and I know how to deal with my little monster. Be assertive when she barks, tries to eat the vacuum cleaner or wants to cuddle the visitors. However, I don’t respond when she tries to walk away from me.

img_0238The latter can cause me some aggravation especially when people who mean well say; “you have to tempt her with treats” or “you should run after her.” The one I hate the most is “You have to raise your voice.” Ugh. These people don’t know about Gucci’s instruction manual. Worse is when they actually meddle in things. It makes the situation even worse. Generally, they give up after five minutes because they can’t catch her. “Your dog is extremely stubborn….” they say and I can literally read their thoughts “…and so are you by the way. Because you don’t want to listen to my advice.” Gucci? She’s happy that she got to play with someone. The random people are happy that they got to lecture me and me? well, I’m of the opinion that besides a dog poo-law, there should downright be a law against meddling….and that’s nothing to do with being stubborn.