Keep Your Frenchie Cool in the Summer

koel in de zomer

By: Fennelijn Boom

It’s a hassle for dogs to cool down in the summer. They can’t sweat like humans. They can only cool down by panting and through the soles of their paws. This means that they easily get overheated, which is very dangerous and can lead to their death. That’s why we have four tips to keep your Frenchie cool!


Water does the trick! Not only for drinking, but also to cool the body. Put a small tub of water in your yard for example. This will allow your Frenchie to walk in and out whenever he wants to. You can also wet his belly, but don’t wet his back, because the sun will scorch the wet coat instead of keeping him cool. Make sure both the pool water and the drinking water are not too cold, because cold water can cause stomach issues.

Change Your Lifestyle
You can change small things in your daily Frenchie routine when it’s hot outside. It is important not to walk him in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest. Not only is the sun too hot for the dog, the sun also causes the roads to heat up and can cause damage to your dog’s paws. It’s also important to let your dog rest, because playing too often can cause your dog to feel hot as well. While it is okay to let your dog wait in the car during the winter, never-ever do this during the summer! Not even for “only” two minutes for a quick errand. It seems self-evident, but people leaving their dog in the car happens far too often than it should.

Dog Bed in the Shade
It’s easy to forget: you might leave the house and come back to find the dog in his bed in the scorching sun. Have a look at how the sun shines through your house and make sure that the dog bed is always in shade.

Cooling mat or collar
A cooling mat ensures that your Frenchie always has a place to cool down. Most mats work using a cooling gel. Other mats, like this one, need to be put in some water or the freezer first.

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