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French Bulldogs Having Fun In The Water

When it's finally summer, your Frenchie probably can't wait to cool down and get into the water! Rivers, seas, lakes. It doesn't matter! As long as it…

dog facts
Dog Facts

Do you think you know everything there is to know about dogs? Did you know the following dog facts! We've got five! Let us know if anything was new to…

human years
How Old Is Your Dog in Human Years?

How old is your Frenchie in human years? You probably aren't sure, but the old formula of "the age times seven" isn't entirely accurate. Dogs age much…

frenchies - lijken net mensen
Frenchies… They’re Just Like People

French bulldogs are just like people and love to clown around with you. No wonder their little antics can make us laugh so much. We've made a compilat…

The best frenchie commercials
The Cutest Frenchie Commercials

Commercials are everywhere: they're on TV, the internet and even on your apps. While we don't like most ads, you have gotta admit that some are defini…

Cesar Millan Launches Audiobook for Dogs

This summer, popular dog whisperer Cesar Millan published a few audiobooks for dogs. Milan who has been well known for giving advice on how people can…

Dog Movies
Top 5 Dog Movies for Rainy Days

We've all grown up watching heart-warming movies where dogs were the main stars like Lassie, Benji, the 101 Dalmations. Who doesn't know these famous …

dog laws
Weird Dog Laws in the United States

The USA has some pretty weird laws, for example it's forbidden to drive blindfolded in Alabama or that it's illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub…

Top 5 Bizarre Dog Products and Supplies

Dog products and supplies should be useful, user-friendly and most importantly, good for your dogs. The manufacturers of the following products might …