Dog Dance: Dancing With Your French Bulldog

dog dance

Calling out to all people with a talent for dancing. If you love to dance and love dogs then you will love Dog Dance! It’s the latest trend from the US and UK where dancing and obedience training are combined. It’s a fun and useful exercise.

Dog Dance is a trend from the United States, Canada and England. It’s a sport based on obedience training and consists of teaching your dog tricks with dancing. It’s supposed to be a cool show with background music which makes it seem as if you guys are dancing together.


Dog Dance is similar to actual dancing in the sense that there are several styles of dancing. There is one style called Canine Freestyle and one called Heelwork to Music.

Canine Freestyle
You can’t go wrong with this style. Dog and owner do tricks and dance movements together. It doesn’t matter how well the dog heels. Despite the trickiness of the dog dance, it’s all about fun and originality with this style.

Heelwork to Music
Heelwork to music is relatively new compared to Freestyle and this dog dance is a bit more challenging, because the dog has to heel. The rules are the dog can’t be more than five feet away from his owner. You can imagine it’s quite a challenge to heel and dance at the same time.

Does dog dance seem like fun to you? That’s great! Any healthy dog can try to learn a dog dance. Your Frenchie will have to be able to turn and jump a lot so try easier exercises first to see if your dog is up to the task, mentally and physically. Want to try it out? We’ve selected a couple of books to start out with.

If you practice a lot then who knows… you might star in America’s Got Talent!