DIY: Plastic Bottles Can Be Fun Dog Toys. Three Tips!

Plastic bottles

Do you throw away empty plastic bottles? A shame! Your French bulldog can play with it in many different ways. We would like to share with you some fun tips. 

A lot of French bulldogs already like chewing on a regular plastic bottle. They like the sound so much that they keep chewing until there’s nothing left of it. Easy way to entertain your Frenchie but it can leave a mess behind.


How to turn a plastic bottle into a dog’s toy that won’t leave a mess? A simple solution is to pull a sock over the bottle. It makes the toy less slippery and keeps the plastic together. Put some stones into the bottle for some extra fun noises.

Want to put some more effort into it? Try making a snack roll! Cut a few holes in the bottle and insert some treats. Your Frenchie will do his best to get all the treats out of the bottle. The smaller the holes, the more difficult the challenge. Fun for him and for you to watch.

Feeling creative and do you have more than one bottle? You should make one huge toy with them! Tie the bottles together with a rope and make a treat shaker. Tie it to the table or someplace else and your dog with be enjoying himself for a while.

Always keep watching when your dog is playing with DIY toys.