Bring Your Dog To Work! It’s Fun and Beneficial

dogs to work

It’s fun and amazing to be able to bring your dog to work! Luckily, it’s becoming more and more common in the USA. Big companies such as Amazon, Google, Mars and Ben & Jerry’s have been allowing dogs on the work floor for a while now. They’re the best colleagues you could have and with good reason. It’s beneficial to both dogs and people. That’s why we’re also giving a few practical tips to bring your own dog to work.

Regulations at the Big Companies
They’ve always loved dogs at Amazon. One of their first employees brought his four-legged friend, Rufus, to work. As of now, there are around 3000 dogs registered at their main branch in Seattle. As a result, their front desk always has dog treats. Amazon also hosts company events with dogs, for example Halloween events where you and your dog have to dress up in costume. You can meet some of the dogs on their website.


Google has made their status as a “dog-friendly company” official. Since 2016, rules concerning dogs have been put in the company’s code of conduct. Dogs can come to work and even regular visitors can bring their dog provided they ask for a registration pass. The group of dog-loving employees call themselves “Dooglers” and there is a dog café on the Google Campus, where dogs and dog owners can meet up and relax.

Ben & Jerry’s is another famous example where dogs are part of the company ethic. They don’t help make or taste the ice cream of course. The dogs can be brought to the office only. Learn about the “K-9 to 5’ers” on the Ben & Jerry’s website.

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Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Work
Not only is a dog fun at work, but it also has a lot of advantages. Several studies have shown that a dog has positive effects on the success of a company. That’s because of the following reasons:

• Great against stress
Dogs reduce the stress levels of employees. Professor Randolph Barker of Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that people who interact with dogs have increased levels of oxytocine, the hormone of happiness. And happy employees are good employees!

• Fewer absent people
Dogs help create a comfortable and fun work environment. They cause employees to exercise more, because the employees play with dogs or walk the dog during their break. These are healthy breaks during office workdays. So, this means less absentees of work and gives a whole new meaning to seeing a man about a dog.

• Closer and better work relationships
A dog is a pack animal and loves to connect with people and other animals. A dog can help break the ice and bring employees closer. It’s easy and fun to start a conversation about the dog, which can lead to more pleasant job-related conversations.

• More loyalty
No, not from the dogs, but from the employees. It’s a great advantage to employees with dogs if they can bring their companion to work. Their motivation will rise and they will become more loyal to the company.

• Great company image
Employers that welcome dogs to the office show that they have a modern work ethic, are flexible to their employees and show a good character. It’s great for the company if they can communicate their dog-friendly regulations through their social media channels and job offers.

Tips for the office
Have the arguments and examples above convinced you to take your dog to work? That’s great! But how do you make sure you won’t face any problems? Keep reading!

First of all, there is no actual law or rule which allow you to bring your dog to work. Unless you’re working at one of the companies above, we recommend asking your company if you can bring your cute dog to work. Some companies aren’t fit for dogs, for example factories with heavy machinery and restaurants. You will find that most dogs are brought to the office.

Next to asking your company for permission, we also advise to ask your coworkers if it’s okay to bring your dog to work. What if someone has a severe allergy for or is terrified of dogs? You should never endanger  your coworkers and your dog by bringing your dog to work. If your colleagues aren’t sure, propose a trial period or day. Even if they are sure it’s all right, we recommend a trial period. Perhaps it’s your dog that is unfit for the job.

Crystal clear agreements are extremely important. If there are several employees who want to bring their dog to work, then it’s good to see how many dogs can be present in the building. Furthermore, the dogs should be well socialized, be healthy and clean, and have had the proper shots. You don’t bring a dog to work that’s been rolling in the mud.

It’s a good idea to create a designated place for your dog, for example next to your desk or away from most people. It should be a place where the dog can rest well. It also shouldn’t be too cold, too warm or too drafty. Right underneath the window is probably a bad idea. The dog should have access to food and water and your dog shouldn’t be obstructing your colleagues. We recommend using a special dog bed, so your dog knows that that’s his place to sit in at the office.

Doggy office trends
When we were doing research for this article, we noticed that bringing your pets to the office has become the office trend of 2017! That’s good leverage to convice your company if they don’t allow it.

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