America’s First Dog Cafe Wants to Revolutionize Adoption!

Forget cat cafés. Sarah Wolfgang opened the first Dog Café in the United States and she has a mission! She wants to revolutionize adoption.

Dog cafés were already a thing in Japan. However, Sarah Wolfgang opened the first dog café in L.A. She has a mission as well. Hopefully more will follow soon.


Source: Instagram @thedogcafe_la

You can reserve a slot on their website. Then you can enjoy all the lattes you want while getting to know all the dogs there. There are many different kinds of dogs at the café. Old, young, big, small, silly and quiet dogs. They’re all there. And they’re all rescue dogs.



Source: Instagram @thedogcafe_la


All of the dogs are available for adoption so if you’ve fallen for one of the canines at the café, you can adopt them and take them with you to your warm home. Sarah Wolfgang started helping dogs when she did volunteer work in South-Korea. She hopes to help at least 104 dogs help them find a new warm home with her new concept of adoption.

We’re very impressed. If you don’t live in L.A. and want to support Sarah and her Dog Café, you can donate via the website. Want to see which dogs are available for visits? That’s possible too. Click here.