About Us

Frenchie Edition is the website for and by Frenchie lovers.

The founders of Frenchie Edition are animal lovers in general, but huge French bulldog lovers. Of course, they have their own Frenchies. That’s why they know all the ropes. The Frenchies are Gucci, which is a real diva, and Truffel, an adorable little teenage puppy. The founders of Frenchie Edition are all too familiar with choosing from hundreds of different dog food (of which Gucci and Truffel will only eat the most expensive one) and know all about the costs and training issues. Frenchie Edition makes an amazing team by combining their love for French bulldogs with their knowledge and expertise in online media and advertising.

Would you like to adds something to the platform? Are you a capable writer? Do you have gorgeous photographs? Or do you have creative ideas or other questions? Feel free to email us!

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