A true family-friendly dog: Luther

Family friendly Luther

Liss Jamieson (23) and her partner are proud parents of the French bulldog Luther (15 months). He’s a true family-friendly dog who loves to play around. He loves his toys, he loves to play with children and he loves to walk with his French bulldog friends. He’s part of the family.

Introduce yourselves…
I am Liss, a Frenchie loving  hooman who spends every free second I have on adventures with Luther. Luther, the Frenchie, loves his parents more than anything. Tummy rubs are his favorite.


What’s the weirdest or silliest thing your Frenchie has ever done?
Whenever you’re giving Luther a belly rub and stop, then he always grabs your hand until you carry on.

Do you take your Frenchie to events?
On Sundays Luther and I love to go to all kinds of Frenchie meets, meeting lots of new furry friends. We go for big walks on our Frenchie meets. There he often meets his favorite French bulldog friend called Carlos! I’ll add a photo of the two of them playing too! Luther loves to run around with the other Frenchies and make them chase him! He doesn’t ever get tired and could run and play for hours!

Luther and the kids

Does your Frenchie have a favorite type of food?
Peas are Luther’s favorite and he loves leftovers from Mommy and Daddy’s plate.

What do you like to do together?
Luther and I go on lots of adventures together, but our best day is a big walk up a hill, and later have a look round the pet shop for a little treat. Our Sunday walks are the best. We tend to go around the woods by my house where there are lots of different paths and we find a new way every walk we go on! We sometimes go to the seaside! Luther is a little scared of the water, but whenever he’s there he can’t help but dip his feet in and run around on the sand. We sometimes go and see Luther’s favorite human cousin; they play lots and she invites Luther to her tea parties! He seems to enjoy them.

Luther happy running

Has your Frenchie got a favorite toy?
Luther’s favorite toy is his bunny toy! It’s called Mr. Rabbit and he’s not stuffed, because Luther is a little cheeky, loves to get all of the stuffing out of his toys and ruin Mommy and Daddy’s house with said stuffing! Luther loves it best when we throw Mr. Rabbit really far so he had to run and chase him, but he does find it a little tricky to give him up once he’s caught him though!

Are you and your Frenchie active on social media?
My Frenchie’s account is @lutherthefrenchpiggy on Instagram.

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