A few great advantages of having a French bulldog!

advantages of having a french bulldog

You probably already know that’s amazingly fun to have a Frenchie. They’re sweet, stubborn and fun to be around. But did you know about these advantages of having a French bulldog that don’t seem so obvious.

• You walk more miles every day. Having a dog means more walks and more exercise. Do you want to know how much you walk? Then download a step counter app. New smartphones already have a step counter though.
Bringing your dog to work is fun and useful. Your colleagues and imployees concentrate better and work harder when there’s a dog around. Two very good reasons to ask for permission to bring your dog to work.
• Dog owners laugh more often and Frenchie owners laugh even more. Frenchies are true clowns after all.
• Children that grow up with dogs have a reduced chance at getting sick and have fewer allergies. Read more about this here.
• Dogs lower your blood pressure.
• People with dogs have twenty-one times more social contact than people without dogs. People just love to chitchat about dogs!
• Talking to your dog reduces stress.
• People who own a dog walk 28% faster than people without dogs. Have they tried walking through the rain, because their dogs need to go?


You just got to have a Frenchie!

Source: Orvis