A dog marriage: These French bulldogs barked “Yes I do”

dog wedding

It’s true! It happened! A dog marriage actually took place between two French bulldogs- Maya (2.5) and Dexter (5). They got married at Cornwall Beach, Great Britain. They married in style in front of their families, witnesses and guests.

The owners Phil (41) and Clare Whittingham (40) claim that the French bulldogs are the perfect couple and that they love each other very much.


Dogs are praised for their loyalty but Maya and Dexter’s take the term loyalty to new heights. A group of fifteen dogs and their owners were invited for the ceremony. Nick Battle, who usually conducts funerals, wanted to help conduct this unique marriage ceremony. He read a few poems out loud for the dogs and read the vows for the dogs before they sealed the marriage with a “kiss”.

Source: The Herald

Maya wore an ivory dress with a veil, which was designed for the occasion by a designer from Essex. Dexter wore a cool tux with a pink bow-tie. A hat wouldn’t stay on his head so it was discarded. After the ceremony, the guests were invited for a reception at Godolphin Arms. The people got a piece of pie and the dogs a donut, which was especially made for the handsome “couple”.

Source: The Herald

The wedding was quite the expense but it can’t compare to the most expensive dog wedding in Great Britain ever. Louis Harris from Chelmsford spent 20,000 GBP on the canine wedding in 2011.

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